Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Errr, belated!

We were blessed with beautiful, if not a tad warm, weather this weekend for the 4th. Hooray for no rain! So we all piled in the pontoon boat for cruise around the Side Lake chain and did a little BBQ'ing for dinner. Since it gets dark so late in the summer (around 10pm) we decided to forgo the fireworks. A day of sun can really wipe you out, you know!
Here's part of the lake we were on. I believe this is Big Sturgeon, which I normally get confused with Little Sturgeon. It's easy to do!
Even Maya came along! I think she liked boating way more than laying out on the beach, but she's such a busy-body that it's hard to tell. She was all over the place, sniffing the wind, checking out other boats and looking for shady spots. Of course, being next to mom is always good too.

Most of our crew got in and swam. I thought that getting on and off the boat might be a little too difficult for me so I just dipped my toes. The water was only 4 feet deep where we anchored, so it was shallow enough to stand and see if there were any creatures swimming around. Say hi Trav!
But no drowning!

Of course we didn't get any pictures of the picnic, because we were eating! It was a great day out for a boat ride though. Despite using 50 spf, I still got some sun and so did Travis. His is already starting to turn a nice shade of tan, while I just look like a lobster. Oh well!

Here's my 37 week picture. This was one of our hottest days yet and I didn't do my hair or make up, hence the "from the neck down" photo. Apparently Emily has reached the "small watermelon" size, and it sure looks like it from this shot!

Happy Summer!

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