Monday, November 8, 2010

So maybe I'm a hypocrit

After all my preaching last week about waiting until after Thanksgiving to start with the Christmas festivities I have confession to make: we put up our outside Christmas lights. But hold on a minute! I can explain!

I live in the land of snow and ice. The Northern Tundra. We might as well be Canada right? I didn't want my husband on our second story roof in December when we will most likely have snow and/or ice. We have crappy insurance and I sure don't want to test it out. So yes, he got up there and put the lights up. He also strung some up on the garage and on our front porch. We have some lawn figures, but we're waiting to put those out - I know you can only handle so much. And the neighbors are doing it too.

Speaking of snow, we surprisingly have had none. Zip. Zero. A small town to our north had a little bit, but we haven't seen a single flake. That's fine for now, but we better have some by Thanksgiving. What are the holidays without a little festive snow? We've had an unusual "warm" streak with highs in the upper 50's. Cold by my mother's standards, but not by a Minnesotan!

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