Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

It may be a few days late, but I'm still stuffed from our Thanksgiving fare thanks to plenty of leftovers. I hope you all enjoyed yours as well! Thankfully we didn't have to make the turkey since my mother-in-law offered to bring one. So Thanksgiving morning was spent washing china, setting the table, and cooking up all the sides!

Here is a picture of part of our table:
We were waiting on a card table that the family was bringing to extend our table a bit. 9 people sure wouldn't fit at this table!

And here I am cooking up a storm!
Somehow we forgot to take pictures of everyone at the table. Too busy being hosts I suppose!

Of course, once Thanksgiving was over and all the food was packed up and put away that could only mean one thing: Christmas decorating! I'm very excited to be able to pull out all our stuff and go to town decorating for the first time in this house. It's always difficult trying to figure out where things should go, and oddly I feel like I don't have enough decorations!
Although we put the lights up earlier this month, I waited patiently to turn them on until Thanksgiving night.
The living room, complete with our new little "wood" stove.
Dining room.
Last but not least - the tree! And yes, there are even some presents under there already. :o) The only problem we've run into is that our tree is just a tad too tall for the family room, coming it at 7.5ft. The poor angel's wings are pressed right up to the ceiling. I'm not sure what we'll do about that, unless we get a new, shorter tree. I already have this fancy tree in mind for next year. A girl can dream!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving!

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