Monday, May 10, 2010

What a crazy week.

Really. Ups and downs like a roller coaster. But I made it through without losing my cookies, so that's a plus!

I was high on life at the end of my last post, and life just couldn't let that happen I suppose. Murphy's Law, Karma, call it whatever you like. Long story short, I found out last Monday that I have a new job title. I am now a "hearing brief writer". Basically I'll be reviewing medical records, writing up notes pertinent to the client's case and then writing a brief for the rep to take to hearings with them. Not exactly what I signed up for, but hey - I still have a job and I get to work from home. That's ok in my book.

Then, just as we were getting used to nice weather, we get this:


That's right! Snow! In May! Because that's not crazy at all!!! It literally snowed all day long, and we got a good two inches. Thankfully it all melted the next day. I nearly had a breakdown just seeing it, who knows what would have happened had it stuck around.

Sunday we actually had beautiful weather. We went up to the in-law's house for a Mother's Day BBQ, complete with golfing in the backyard, Just Dance on the Wii, and jumping on the trampoline. Fun was had by all!

Today was a work from home day for me, and thank goodness because we had lots of goodies being delivered. Trav's birthday is next weekend, but I wanted to give him his gift early. I bought him a new grill (well, we went to Lowe's together and he picked it out). Now who would have thought that those things don't come in small boxes? Needless to say, we had to get it delivered. Luckily a manager was helping us and managed to get it here today instead of next Monday which would have been two days after our big birthday/housewarming shindig. Of course we had to test it out tonight!
What a pro! MO family - we're making pork steaks: Yum Yum! Notice he's grilling in a sweatshirt. Still not quite t-shirt and shorts weather yet.

We also had our new bed delivered today. It's like Christmas!
I can't wait to go to bed tonight! So now we have two beds, one is officially for company. So come on over!

I've dribbled into this week a little bit, but hopefully it goes better than last week. With a big party here on Saturday, it's sure to be interesting!

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