Monday, May 24, 2010


Our "spring" has been very short lived. We had a lovely week of 70-ish weather and sunny skies. Then came the heat. Oh boy.

Now, I've lived in some HOT places. South Florida, where your car heats up so much you could brand yourself with your seat belt. Gainesville, Florida - the humidity is so thick you feel like you're walking into a brick wall just going outside. St. Louis, MO often sees 2 weeks or so of 100+ degree heat in the summer.

But you see, in all these cases, you can go inside and lounge in a luxury called Air Conditioning. One of man's best accomplishments. Right up there with sliced bread I tell ya.

Sadly, this invention has not made it up to northern Minnesota just quite yet. Honestly though, you wouldn't think you'd need it up here. But I'm here to say that yes, I do need A/C. We've had unseasonably warm weather (today's high was 87) accompanied by gross, sticky humidity. 64% says my weather channel watching husband. So we've opened all the windows, have all the fans running, grilling outside rather than use the oven, and pine for when the sun goes down, welcoming the cool evening air. And they say Global Warming is just a theory...

But I don't want to complain too much. Everything is in bloom and we don't have any snow on the ground. That's a good thing! So I leave you with pictures of some of our flowers, and what's been popping up around the house:

Lilies of the Valley (I think?) They're all over the place, and these are popping up in a perfect little row. They're like little soldiers.

Some sort of interesting white flowers. A hibiscus maybe?


One of two of our pretty Crab Apple trees. The other one is blooming white flowers tinged in pink. Very pretty!

Chives! We have 5 chive bushes. We clipped some to eat, and they're so good! Someone said you can't eat the ones with flowers on the end, but I don't know why? I plucked one off and took a bite out of the green part - still tasted chivey to me (and I'm still alive).

Our pretty Begonias and the funky cat planter we got. He's ugly, but cute!

And the pretty planter that was a house warming gift. We actually have 2 of them flanking our deck. There's a mix of Diascia, Sunsatia, Suntera ("Snowstorm"), and Dracaena spikes. Ignore the dandelions, we're taking care of them.


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  1. I agree about the humidity, it makes things unbearable! As for the chives, you can eat chive blossoms! You can even make a beautiful chive vinegar with the stalks and flowers infused for a wonderful dressing! Nice looking plants!