Sunday, May 16, 2010


This weekend we hosted the first annual Birthday Bash (and housewarming party) at our house. I thinking it might be the last annual party as well. It was a lot of work! We had a good amount of people over, somewhere between 20-30 at any given time. So we fired up the new grill!
Here's Travis and his cousin Eric eating and grilling all at once. We set up this handy build-your-burger-or-hotdog station next to the grill. That way there was no traveling with hot food involved here. Smart, I know.
We also had this handy station set up with all the sides, chips, ect. Ignore the Canada chair in the corner. Yes, we're close to Canada. No, we do not live there despite our weather.
Not only was it Trav's birthday, but our good friend Lori's as well. Here they are wearing their birthday crowns.
No party is complete without a little music. Luckily for us, we have quite the group of musical friends. And Grandma Fran just can't help getting down when she gets the chance!
We also have a big fire pit in the backyard. So eventually the party moved out that way. This is why I told people to bring their camping chairs!
Not only was it Trav and Lori's birthday, but also our friend Eric's as well. May 16th is a popular birthday apparently!

Thankfully we have great neighbors and no one complained about us being loud. Maybe we weren't as loud as I thought though. Although there was a debacle with cake on a stick, some excessive use of Apple Pie, and lots of dancing. Fun was had by all, and I managed to get to bed before 3 am. I'm glad their birthdays only come around once a year!


  1. Fun! Maybe it's because I'm from Minnesota, but your comment "ignore the Canada chair in the corner" had me spitting my beverage laughing!

  2. We have to make the distinction you know! It's bad enough that people think we're Canadian anyway :o)