Sunday, April 25, 2010

High on Life

Look what we got:
Basement windows!!! Aren't they just beautiful? Ignore the ugly dirt and stained walls. Focus on the windows. Beautiful!

I've been patiently waiting about a month for these windows to be installed. First we had to have them measured, then wait for the bid, then remeasured, then ordered, then waiting for them to come in. Who knew I couldn't just call them up and say "hey, come put in a couple basement windows for me, ok?" But in true northern Minnesotan fashion, it had to take ages for this to get done. Well, that's not entirely true.

The actual installation only took one day. I got a call from our friend at the construction company basically saying "your windows are in, we can put them in today!". Oh really? Luckily Travis works close to home and was able to let them in and go back to work. Lucky for him our friend is the one that did the installation, or we would be having a whole different conversation about leaving strangers in the house alone. I was also able to work from home that afternoon so they weren't completely unsupervised. But in the end, we have three new, efficient, beautiful basement windows!Speaking of work, things are going great. All the other reps are off to Chicago for some continuing education seminars (read: a few hours of class followed by partying on the company dime) so I was supposed to be stuck in the office while they are all having fun. Luckily the laptop DSI ordered for me came in and I was able to get it on Friday. So I mentioned that it made more "sense" for me to work from home since we have space issues in the office. Ah, a star is born! So Mon-Wed I'll be working in my jeans and a sweatshirt from my home office. Hooray!

Since I'm back in the professional world, I've had to pull out my work wardrobe. Sadly, not a lot of it is fitting. I think they all shrunk in the move. Anyway, I took that as a sign to revamp things and go shopping. Who wouldn't, right? So I decided to go to the "big city" of Duluth (an hour and 1/2 drive) since they have a real live mall there. I just knew that my two favorite stores, Express and the Limited, would be there and I could shop to my little heart's content.

Imagine my dismay after walking the entire mall and finding neither store. Ok, I was a little more than dismayed. I was down right pissed. I drove all that way! For nothing!

Well, life and lemons and all that jazz. So I looked around in some other stores. I found a cute top at Dress Barn that isn't work appropriate. I found a nice pair of khakis at Old Navy that I can maybe wear on Fridays. Finally I ended up back in JCPenny's. Of course. We have a Penny's at home that I easily could have gone to, you know. Whatever.

But I didn't go to college for nothing. I came home, hopped on my computer, and successfully spent way to much online at the Limited website. Take that stupid Duluth mall! However, my mama raised me right: I saved a ton of money too. They had a deal for $25 off your second pair of pants: perfect since I needed a few! They also had a great BOGO deal on essential shirts: awesome as well, just what I was looking for! Did I mention that it's clearance time too? Score! Then I took my happy internet butt to this fantastic website to find some online shopping codes. This is a must anytime you're buying online. Look there first before you checkout. And whadya know? I found a coupon code for 25% off my entire order! And they had free shipping! *Insert high pitched girly scream here*

I died and went to shopper heaven :o) I'll be innocently stalking the postal carrier until he delivers my goodies. Now hopefully it all fits and I don't have to send anything back.


  1. Wow I need to do work wardrobe is getting a little blah.

    And they closed the Limited here too. I remember when you couldn't get the Limited clothes online though (which was pretty recent, maybe 2 years ago?), so I'm glad they remedied this!

  2. I just got my orders in the mail on Saturday. Everything was great except I think I may have to get all the pants hemmed shorter. Either they're making them longer or I've shrunk!