Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sweet Spring

Oh how I love the sights, sounds, and smells of Spring. I'm sitting in our house with the windows wide open, someone is running a lawn mower, and everything just smells fresh. Hooray Spring!

I know I can't get to excited yet. Every Minnesotan worth his salt has reminded me that we should still have snow on the ground (in April!?! yea right!) and that it's much warmer than normal. I know, I know. Just let me be excited!

Since we finally had a beautiful weekend, guess what we did with it? That's right, outside chores! The past few weekends have been a little to chilly and super windy to be up and down on ladders. So this weekend we took full advantage of the lovely weather and put up gutters!
Tada! By some stroke of luck, the house color is the exact same color as the gutters. I don't think that was planned since "gutter brown" isn't really that high in demand. But it made this process that much better! And see all those redish colored rocks behind the garage? They came from here:Along the house, there is a "drainage field" that had all those rocks in it. And that's where two of the three windows we want to replace are. No wonder they're leaky! Anyway, I digress....this picture also includes the other gutter project we finished. Originally the gutter stopped at the top of the 2nd story deck, so water would just shoot out of there and drench the ground underneath. We added the downspout, and we'll be putting in some kind of white rock along the length of the deck for added water absorption. No rotting decks in our house!

Last week I posted about the great consignment store finds that I made Travis buy. Here is our new table and one of the lamps:

So you can see what I mean about the ugly brown color. It's ok, but not that pretty. So we'll be refinishing it soon. The lampshades were purchased at Wal-mart and I think they're just perfect - and that's all that matters!

In other news, we've started going to a new church. We're both pretty excited about it because the church is much more contemporary than our past experiences. It's an Assembly of God church, and we love that the entire service is full of music, praise and worship! The head pastor is only 30 or so as well, so it's a breath of fresh air to be in a younger crowd. We haven't talked about officially joining the church yet though. I'd like to take it slow and make sure it's the right place for us. But so far, so good!

I'm exhausted from "supervising" the gutter installation, so I'm off. Have a great week!

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