Sunday, April 11, 2010

Alison the traveling career gal

My career with Disability Specialists is just one week young and already I'm on the road. They've sent me to Brainerd, MN to train with one of our reps here for 3 days. If you're not familiar with Minnesota geography (imagine my surprise!), Brainerd is smack dab in the middle of the state. Four hours south of Canada, two hours south of home.

So I'm currently sitting in my hotel room, enjoying free wi-fi and a free root beer. Hooray for being a priority club member! The root beer should be a real beer at the hotel restaurant, but I arrived too late. Only in Minnesota do they give away free beer as a member perk. But hey - I'll take it!

I haven't seen much of Brainerd, as I'm actually staying in Baxter, which is right over the Mississippi River. Funny thing is that I crossed the might Mississippi three times on the way here, so I really have no clue where the heck I am. As long as Tom Tom can get me home then I'm not worried.

Last week I was able to go out to see clients with the senior rep. That is the best part of this job! We met a bunch of clients, so I saw how that whole side of things goes. It's really interesting to hear their issues, even if I have to go home and research like a mad woman. But I'm learning a lot!

While I'm gone, Travis will be working like the Tazmanian devil back at home. He's got a seminar on Wednesday, so lots to prepare for! He's getting to know the neighbors in his new building quite well already. He's right next door to a consignment store, so of course I sent him over to check some things out!

I found an end table and two matching lamp bases that I wanted him to take a look at. We got all three for $45! Score! The lamps have a bronze finish that I originally wanted to redo, but I think we'll keep them as they are for a bit. At least until my Mom and Dad come in June - Mom always has great ideas and she'll tell me if they're ugly or not! The table we're definitely going to refinish. It has a lighter brown finish that is a bit outdated, so we'll sand it down and refinish it. But I'm also saving that for the parents. They'll need something to do when they're up here anyway!

Well, tomorrow starts early so I'm off to bed. Have a great week!

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