Friday, March 18, 2016

Fitness Friday

Saturday - I ran outside. Outside! Only 4 miles, but it was so nice to not run on the treadmill. My foot was feeling good overall, although occasional discomfort when I had to take a left turn and put more weight on the inside of that foot. But I'm happy with progress, albeit very sloooooow progress. It still gets stiff and sore with lack of activity, so it's usually feeling 100% in the evenings. Mornings are always stiff and sore - and I'm a morning runner. Come on body, get it together.

After my run, I hopped on my bike for about 30 minutes. This was a little unbearable at first. Right before I left for my run, I smacked my knee really hard on the corner of our mudroom bench. It was fine while I was running, but cycling hurt. A lot. I thought about stopping, but after 5 minutes or so the pain wore off (or my knee went numb), and I decided to stick it out.

Sunday - Sort of a rest day. I did get in about 30 minutes of pilates, focusing on the booty. But it wasn't a very tough workout.

Monday - I take that back. My hamstrings are sore! I ran 3 miles on the treadmill, averaging 10:01, and the hammy's were fine for that. Then I started my pilates workout for the day - mostly fine since it was total body day, but any time we did a butt exercise my hamstrings let me know they were unhappy! End result? Dead legs.

The positive was that my foot felt fine for the run and most of the time afterwards. But after some inactivity, it gets sore again. Who do I contact about a foot transplant? Scientist are making that happen, right?

Tuesday - Dog tired today - I think due to allergies as all our snow is melting and pollen is being set free from the ice tundra. So I took it nice and slow on the bike this morning. Foot is feeling pretty good today, although I didn't do much. I skipped pilates today -supposed to be ab day but I was sore in that general area from some of the moves yesterday. So we'll just consider today half a rest day.

Wednesday - Last night was kind of rough: waking up multiple times sweating, body aches, and feeling like dirt when the alarm went off. So I decided a true rest day was very needed, and I did nothing. It also happened to be a snow day, so I just enjoyed spending the day with my girl and getting a nice nap in.

Thursday - I felt so much better this morning! Plus, I woke up raring to go because I had an all day thing for the United Way, and I wanted to get in a run before hand. 3 easy miles on my treadmill at 1% incline in 30:11. My foot is feeling a lot better, although I still get a stiff/sore feeling with a lot of inactivity. Usually those quick PT moves shake it out in a few minutes.

Friday - I have a busy day planned of catch-up housework, laundry, etc., so I woke up early to do Pilates. I'm kind of off the schedule since I missed a few days when I wasn't feeling well, so I decided to do the HIIT day workouts from yesterday. 34 minutes and 283 calories later, I was one sweaty mess! Love it.

Tomorrow is a true test for my injury - 6 miles on the schedule. I plan on going to my running group for the first time in over a month.  A lot of them are training for a full marathon, so I may be on my own after 3 miles when I turn back for home but that's ok. I'm just hoping it goes well!

What's on your schedule for the weekend? What's your favorite way to burn some quick calories?


  1. Yay for running outside! I tend to do the same thing with pain...either it's really gone or I'm just numb but I guess either way works right? Good luck running with your group tomorrow!

  2. So awesome! I am running a half marathon this weekend (yikes)

  3. My running buddy had some issues with her feet in the past. One thing that helped her was before she got out of bed in the morning, she would outline each of the letters of the alphabet with her big toes. She said it helped warm up her feet so they weren't so stiff and sore. Maybe that would help you?

    I hope the 6 miler goes well! I had 16/10 back to back long runs schedule for this weekend, but now the only thing on my schedule is to recover from the flu and get back to running at all :(

    1. I do something kind of similar, but I'll have to try the alphabet before I get out of bed. Thanks, and feel better!