Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

I have a very exciting weekend coming up, so I'm hoping this week speeds by. Oh Monday, treat me well!

This weekend was chock-full of activities for my little family.

On Friday night, we went up the street to the new private school for dinner. They were hosting a "Rigatoni Feed" as a fundraiser and pre-race dinner for the HOPE Springs 5k Run/Walk that was to be held on Saturday. It's not my typical pre-race fare, but it's for a good cause. Also not my typical pre-race fare:

The free wine I got for volunteering. Yea baby!

But you only live once. I figured since it was only a 5k, I was probably pretty safe imbibing a little.

I'll do a full race report in another post, but it went well. Emily ran her first "race": a 50m dash. She was pretty excited after seeing all the other runners and getting to cheer for mom.

Uhm, how cute is my kid!?

However, after toeing the start line with the rest of the kids and getting off to a pretty good start, things fell apart for her about 25m in. I think because she couldn't see me or Dad anymore, she got scared. She stopped and started crying, so mom swooped in, picked her up, and crossed the finish line with her. The tears stopped after she got her finisher's ribbon and a cookie. Cookies solve everything. Didn't I promise you that there would be cookies?

We celebrated our runs by a victory dinner at a local place called the Sawmill Saloon. They are supposed to have really good walleye tacos. Well, they're pretty good, but I'm ok with sticking to our usual haunts.

Sunday, we were treated to glorious weather. Glorious! Sunny, a high above was amazing. Emily basically played outside all day.

Ok, so it was still chilly enough for a light jacket. But look at that blue sky! Not a cloud in sight!

We ended the evening by cooking up some black bean burgers and sweet potato wedges. Travis is on a super low-carb kick right now (uhm yes, you read that right), so I attempted to do lettuce wraps instead of buns.

It was kind of messy, but good! Although Emily told me that she didn't want any "salad". Ok, whatever kid.

So that was our weekend!

How was your weekend? Have you tried bun-less burgers before? 

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