Friday, April 10, 2015

Fitness Friday

Happy Friday!

I was greeted by the makings of a pretty sunrise at the end of my run this morning:

The street lights are still on, but the sun was starting to peek up. Pretty soon I won't need my headlamp on my early morning runs!

With my parents here for a week, getting my workouts in was a little challenging. The diet train went completely off the rails and I'm still paying for it. But let's see how things stacked up.

Sun March 29th - as predicted, the weather was crappy so I ran on the treadmill. Boring.

Tues, March 31st - Hills. 1 mile warm up, then 4 laps of this repeat: 30 sec uphill at 1 mile pace (6:50), 30 sec rest downhill, 75 sec uphill at 5K pace (7:50-8:00), walk down rest. 1 mile cool down. I messed this up right from the get-go with jogging down the hill for what was supposed to be the walking rest. Oh well. My 1 mile pace is closer to 7:10, so that 6:50 was shooting high. I managed some 7:15-7:20 paces, but mostly hit this around 7:50. I was ok with that though.

Thurs, April 2nd - easy 5 on the treadmill. This was supposed to be a 6 mile cutdown run, but with my parents arriving so late, then Emily getting sick that morning...the cutdown wasn't happening. I was lucky to get this in!

Friday, April 3rd - 6 mile cutdown: 1 mile warm up, followed by 1 mile each at 8:55, 8:45, 8:35, 8:25, no rest. 1 mile cool down. I really enjoyed this run! It was challenging, but comfortable. It was also nice to stretch my legs a bit. My paces were 8:53, 8:46, 8:34, 8:25. I feel like I knocked this one out of the ballpark!

Sun, April 5th - easy 10 miles. I slowed this down even though I was in a hurry to get the day started for Easter. But it was a nice run, and I still felt like I had gas in the tank.

Tues, April 7th - Tempo Intervals: 1 mile warm up, 4 x 800m at 8:00 with 45 sec rest, 1 mile cool down. This was surprisingly easy too. My first 2 intervals were too fast at 7:40 and 7:51, but then I was able to slow down a bit at 8:01 and 8:00. A friend of mine joined me at the track for this workout, which was really nice both in getting to see here and having someone to run with. I followed this up with a prescribed leg circuit workout.

Thurs, April 9 & Fri, April 10th - easy 5 miles, both days. Nothing really to report here, except my legs are pretty tired from the leg circuit I did on Tuesday. It had some lateral lunges and sideways lunge shuffles that really worked my glutes and inner thighs. Surprisingly, those areas are still sore!

I have 11 miles on tap for Sunday, and circuit training tomorrow. I may skip the circuit training to give my legs a true rest. Except I have to do laundry, go grocery shopping, and clean. So "rest" is a little deceiving here.

Despite my tired legs today, I feel like training is going well so far! I do feel like I'm getting stronger, and I'm really starting to enjoy the easy runs. Did I really just say that? Enjoy going slow?

How's your training going? 


  1. Nice work, lady! You are killing it on the mileage AND the paces!

    1. Thanks! My easy days are between 9:35-10:20, and I feel like a turtle! It's nice to be "allowed" to run fast on the workout days. Just hoping it all pays off come marathon day!