Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two Months!

Here we are, just chugging along past two months old! Some things we've accomplished this month:
-smiling all the time, recognizing mom and dad
-a half laugh. Not quite a full thing, more of a "har!"
-the start of babbling
-sleeping through the night consistently! Usually between 9:30-6. Mom loves this!
-we started daycare this month. Mom hates it, but you seem to be doing just fine.
-you're still drinking 4oz bottles, but I have a feeling we'll be bumping that up to 5 in a few days.
She's getting so big! We have our official 2 month appointment this Friday so she'll get weighed (yay!) and her first set of shots (boo!). Emily has also started flirting with rolling over. I think she might go back to stomach first because she's started to do this:
"Just hanging out on my side!" The TV is behind her, and it is quite tempting apparently. But then she can see it sideways so she stops and lays on her side. Well, she'll get there!

In non baby news, I'm back to work full swing and will be seeing clients again starting November 1st. We just heard that the national exam is being held in December, which allows representatives to qualify for direct pay from Social Security. Our company doesn't let reps go to hearings unless they've passed the exam, because trying to bill clients once their awarded is just a big headache. This way we get our fee directly from SSA with out any issues. So it's study time! I've got study materials, and the other junior reps have started a study group so that we can all work together.

The best news? The test is being held in St. Louis! Ok, well New York and L.A., as well, but that's not quite as exciting. Hopefully we'll go to St. Louis since that's the closest city to us. Then maybe I can get a visit in!

Other than that, not much is going on in baby land. The weather is turning cooler, the trees are changing, and it's officially my favorite season. Happy Fall!

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