Saturday, September 10, 2011

6 weeks!

Emily is 6 weeks old today! How did we get here so fast? She continues to amaze us daily, especially now that she seems much more interactive. She recognizes us and smiles at things we say. We haven't seen a repeat of the laugh yet, but she definitely tries. Here's a good picture of her laugh face:
This was the first time we sat in the Bumbo. She loves it! I originally didn't want to get a Bumbo because I thought it was pointless. Basically it's a little rubber seat for, well, sitting. But we had gift cards to burn and nothing else to buy, so we brought Bumbo home. It's actually really cool because she can sit in it on her own, can't escape, and it has a little support for her still-wobbly head.
It provides a nice alternative to the swing or play mat for entertainment. Emily also seems to be pretty interested in the TV. I think she likes the colors, and it's visually stimulating. Now, before anyone gets on a soapbox, I'd like to state that I am not sitting my child in front of the TV to occupy her while I do other things. But she will look at it while she sits in my lap for a few minutes, just like she stares at the ceiling fan, the curtains, and other random things in the house. We've also started a Saturday morning cartoon ritual apparently.
She looks asleep here but she was just blinking. She was also very interested in sucking on her hand at this moment. Ignore the mess that is my living room right now. It is what it is.

When my parents were here in August, my Dad planted some rose bushes in our yard. Travis couldn't find a florist that was open to buy me roses the day after I had Emily, so he went to Lowe's, bought rose buses, and cut off all the flowers to bring to me. Dad decided not to let them go to waste, and spent a good chunk of a morning planting them in our backyard. Then he spent a good chunk of time trying to keep them alive, watering them, spraying them with grow formula, and tending to all things roses.

Well Dad, your effort paid off!
Aren't they pretty? We've been having great weather lately, so they popped right back up. We'll see how long they last though, since we're supposed to get our first cold front next week. Boo!

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