Sunday, November 8, 2009

Got Orange?

That's the en vogue color right now: bright, neon orange. It's hunting season! This weekend marked the official start of deer season and let me tell you - it's a little crazy. I'm thinking that Minnesota should just declare the month of November a holiday to let all these crazy men (and a few women) get it out of their system.

Now I'm not to sure on the rules and such as I'm not an avid hunter myself but I think I have the gist of how it goes. You buy a permit to hunt, and depending on what type of permit you get, you can shoot either one buck or doe, or you can try to shoot two deer in any combo ( two bucks, two does, one of each, whatever). The law states that you can only have one permit per person. So how do ensure that you can go willy nilly and get as many as you want? You get permits in other people's names! Travis has been asked twice now if someone can get a permit with his name. Then there are all these "gentleman" rules about hunting together and who gets to shoot what and when. That's beyond me so I won't even go there.

Needless to say, living way out here in the country, I'm a little afraid to leave my house this weekend. Travis and I went on a walk yesterday and saw multiple dogs with bright orange collars on so that they wouldn't get shot. Scary! I don't have any pictures either because I'm not sure where I stand on deer hunting yet so I don't want to promote it.

In other news, I'm finally done with my real estate classes! Hoooorrrraaayyy! I've applied for my license, which takes 3-5 weeks to process and come back so now it's just a waiting game. Until then I can go to the office meetings, do open houses, and hang out at the office but that's about it. The only downside is that we were planning on Trav's bonus from Country to pay for some of the fees to get me started, but they took so much out in taxes that I'm not sure how we'll pay for me to get started. We'll figure it out: where there's a will, there's a way!

Thanksgiving is on it's way, and right now I'm thankful for heat! It's a balmy 46 degrees outside but it's also a little rainy and damp. Brr!! So I hope this finds you all warm and toasty, have a great week!

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