Monday, September 21, 2009

Ring ring, it's the Iron Range!

My witty brother has sent me a nasty email about not updating the blog yesterday so that he could "dial in" on Monday morning to get his fix. So how about a Tuesday pick me up?

Sadly this post will be sans pictures because my dear, sweet husband has taken my camera hostage and is currently out and about with it. They have a weird relationship, those two. He's really just using her in the long run....

Anyway... the weather has been quite nice for awhile now. Mid 70's during the day and high 40's at night. I have a feeling though that winter will come all at once and hit me like a ton of bricks. BAM! 6 feet of snow, whahahaha!!! But for now, I'll take this lovely weather. It's really fall like - most of the trees are turning now and we bought a bag of apples and some pumpkins from the grocery store.

Wonder of wonders! Hubby is home with the camera! Now we have pictures :o)

Here are our pumpkins! Aren't they pretty? I don't know if the white one is a pumpkin too but he's cute and completes the picture.

And here is our little Welcome scarecrow. Cute, eh?

Our lives lately have been busy, to say the least. I decided to take real estate pre-licensure classes that the local community college offers up here. The classes are Tues, Wed, Thurs and Saturdays for 2 weeks, in 3 course sections. So a total of 6 weeks altogether. Except that smarty pants Alison didn't realize it was TWTH and Sat, I thought it was TWTH or Sat. I told my manager that if she let me out a little early to attend the night classes during the week that I could work Saturdays. Long story short: I'm able to finish the first class but I had to withdraw from classes 2 and 3 to take at a later date. Hopefully next spring when I can quit my job. That would be lovely!

Travis has started his job and is getting into the swing of things. He's been doing a lot of training and meeting with people to pick an office location. He's not on my friendly list however, because we found out that he has to be gone for 2 weeks of training over my birthday weekend. He'll be partying it up with about 100 other Country Financial trainees in Bloomington, Indiana while I hang out in Bear River. So I'm thinking of planning a bonfire party with a band in lieu of his absence. Party time!

Our cousins Eric and Kara just recently moved into a new house with their 3 kids, and they had a house warming party over the weekend to celebrate. There was a ton of food, beer, lawn games, you name it! Here are some pics:

Chatting it up outside. That's Deb, baby Elliot, Jenny, Leslie, and Stef.

Chris and Cindy playing bean bags. This is big in Minnesota. BIG. Like we haven't been to a party yet where there were no bean bags. They also play ladder golf but they call it lasso golf. Crazy Minnesotans.

Me holding baby Elliot. He wasn't super happy - come to find out he needed his diaper changed. He was promptly given back to his parents.

Having a good time apparently, no clue what we're talking about here though. I can only imagine.

Wayyyy over there is the firepit. Somehow we came out of the party with no pictures of the house, but it looks great! Eric and Kara have been doing a lot of work to the house, which is over 100 years old. They have a long way to go, but it's a big house and they're in no hurry. They have a roof, no holes in the walls, and everything is operational.

Now I'm off to try my hand at cooking chinese from recipes - no one delivers out here! Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Looks like fun! Love how everyone is having a good time. This part made me laugh:

    ***....he needed his diaper changed. He was promptly given back to his parents.***

    You are wise, young grasshopper!