Sunday, April 24, 2016

I'm still here!

Well, sort of.

Are you still here?


Ok, well, I'm going to do a little update anyway.

Life! It's so fast paced, and there's not enough hours in the day! For the first time in a long time, I find myself saying "I didn't have time to get to that today". It's kind of nice, in a weird way. After working a job where I literally had nothing to do for days on end, it's nice to use my brain again and actually have work to do.

I know that sounds kind of strange, but if you've ever had a job where you're basically left to rot, you start to really question your worth. But I'm starting to feel valued again, in a working sense. Which is nice.

My new job is keeping me on my toes, is challenging enough to be interesting, but it's not so fast-paced that it's stressful. My evenings are jam-packed with the things I couldn't get to during the day, or squeezing a workout in, or book club, or my new free yoga class (thanks new job!), that I'm just busy. All the time.

Except right this second, which is why you're getting an update from me.

This week we took Emily to "Kindergarten Connection", which is like a pre-Open House open house. We got to ride a school bus, walk around the school, meet some of the teachers, etc. Emily was very excited for it, but a little clingy once we got to the school. So I'm glad we have another opportunity to visit later in the summer before classes actually start.

Speaking of school, I was able to register for my grad classes this week! I'm going to try to swing 3 classes this first semester, and see how that goes. Sink or swim, right? I will hopefully be really settled at work, and running will take a back burner at that point (let's get this straight - I won't stop running, just doing less of it), and I hope that with plenty of good planning and family support, that I'll be able to handle a full load each semester and finish in 18 months.

Holy crap, that's scary.

But exciting! I'm so excited to start this program. I really wish I could start this summer, but I know fall is the best timing for me.

In running news, I ran one of my favorite 5k races yesterday, the HOPE Springs 5k, and had a great race! A new PR for me at 23:32, and I was 6th in my age group and in the top 10 for female runners! Which is crazy to think that 6 of my age group females made up that top 10 category. I love this race because it's local, and supports a great cause. I ran there for a warm up, and then ran home for a little cool down, rounding out a nice 7 mile day for myself.

So that's life right now. Thanks for checking back and sticking with me! 


  1. I am SO glad to hear that you are enjoying your new job! I know exactly what you mean (unfortunately) about the being left to rot and feeling worthless at a job. But...hopefully, things will take a turn for the better soon on my end, too! :) Congrats to you for killing it at the race!! WAY TO GO!! Happy to hear school is all set for you, too! Lots of great things going on for you! Yay :)

  2. Awesome job on the 5k! That is a great time! I totally know what you mean about the job thing. So glad you're enjoying it! There really aren't enough hours sometimes. You have a lot on your plate!

  3. Kindergarten Connection sounds like fun! The school district where we used to live did something similar where everyone took a tour of the school and then the parents all put their kids on the bus for a ride around the block (not sure if it was to get the kids familiar with the bus or to get the parents ready to send their babies off on their own on the bus for the first time, though!)