Monday, June 6, 2011

Not much of an update

I just have to complain and whine for a minute. On June 1st our heat was still kicking on. Today, June 6th, it was 85 degrees. I'm not sure why we went straight from winter to summer, but I'd like a little bit of spring! Having no A/C and being 8 months pregnant in this weather is a little like purgatory. Just waiting for whatever comes next, but you know it's not good!

This weekend we had glorious weather. It was only in the low 70's and sunny. A friend from work invited us over to their house on the lake for dinner and a "booze cruise" around the lake. Obviously I passed on the booze, but we had a great time! They have a very pretty house that sits up on a hill from the lake, so they have a very pretty view of the lake. Definitely convinced me that we need to buy a house on a lake....some day!

The only downside is the mosquitoes that come out at dusk. Between those suckers and the heat, my ankles are a little...larger...than normal. So I'll just keep them propped up for the time being!

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