Sunday, March 13, 2011

You know you're a grown up when...

Lately I've been feeling very "grown up". I've always sort of felt like a 12 year old living this adult life, despite getting married, having a real job, buying a house, etc. Having a baby certainly brings on that "adult" feeling, but until she gets here I think that it still doesn't feel real.

What really makes me feel grown up? Purchasing our first set of real, matching bedroom furniture! Shocking, right? Travis and I have never had matching furniture in our room. Or very much at that. No headboard, office furniture as a nightstand, and one lone dresser. Quite the college set up if I ever did see one. So we decided to bite the bullet and buy some furniture for ourselves before everything became about the baby.

Our beautiful furniture came this week and I couldn't be happier!
Our lovely headboard/footboard combo and nightstand.
Separate dressers! *Angels sing*

The set is pretty Mission style, although I wouldn't say that that's my "style". I was just drawn to this set and I think it's beautiful. A little big for our room, maybe, but we can live with it! Best of all? We got it 1/2 off and it's all paid for!

So for right now I feel a little grown up. As soon as the newness wears off though, I think I'll revert to feeling like I'm 12 again, playing wife and soon to be mother.

In other news, I believe we have a shower date set! The moms have picked Easter weekend, April 23rd and my parents got their plane tickets all booked. So now we have to get the registry done. I started one on the Target and Babies R'Us websites, but holy-overwhelming-baby-madness. There is so much stuff. And it all has to be researched. Is it safe? Is it soft? Is it necessary? Welcome to my headache! Slowly but surely we'll get there. Plus, I keep telling myself: my parents survived lead-based paint and cars with out seatbelts (never mind carseats!). I survived a trip down our basement stairs in my rolling walker. Our baby will be ok!


  1. Great new furniture! I need to get on that boat and look for some furniture as well -=/

    As for registering, did you ever see or hear of Baby Bargains? Its a life saver and all the research and ratings are done for you! Just thought I'd share -=)

  2. Baby Bargains have been wonderul, I'd say I use them for about 95% of my research!