Sunday, February 27, 2011

Visions of sugar plums...

Friday was our big anatomy scan, and surprise! We're having a girl!!

I was so, so shocked because every bone in my body thought this was a little boy, but I guess she proved me wrong!

We had to drive down to the cities because my doctor likes her patients to see a specialist in ultrasound technology. She doesn't trust our small-town radiology department I guess. So of course we'd rather be safe and sorry, and we took the day off to make the 4 hour trip down.

The ultrasound itself was beyond amazing! They can see and do so much with technology now. We were able to see her brain, her spinal column, and her little heart pumping away. He was even able to show us in color the blood pumping in and out of her heart. Everything looks good and she's right on track! We got to see her little hands and feet, all toes and fingers accounted for. Here are some of the shots:
The top is a sideways shot of her nose and lips, and the bottom is her profile.
There's her little foot! He said it measures about 1 3/4 inches right now. That's so tiny!

The next big question is if we've picked a name. We've had names picked out for months so this is an easy one! We've decided on Emily Faith. Faith is my middle name, and my Dad always said they picked that because they had faith that God would take care of me and make me healthy. Of course we hope and pray for the same thing! Emily has been a long time favorite name of mine, and is one of the few that we can agree on!

On our way back from the cities we stopped at an outlet mall along the way to look at some baby clothes. Ok, well, I had every intention of buying stuff :o) At one point Travis said "you know she can wear other colors besides pink, right?" Haha! Yes dear, we can mix in some other colors. I've been happily spending the day online window shopping for nursery ideas. I think we're going to go with a light pink and brown, French "shabby chic" look. I even found a website that I can purchase a floor to ceiling Eiffel Tower wall decal. This is going to be one fabulous little girl's room!

In other news, Travis is finishing the shower as we speak. Hopefully I'll have pictures before the night is over. I'm ready to be showering in my own shower!

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