Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh baby it's cold outside!

Ah yes, January in Minnesota. How quickly I forgot from last year. I was just saying to Travis the other day "it's the end of January! Pretty soon Spring will be here!" And then we were blessed with a week of barely zero degree temperatures. More like negative temps. Oh joy!

So the hubster and I haven't been doing a whole lot of outdoor activities lately. One good thing from this: our shower is now grouted! It looks fantastic. Travis isn't officially done with it, as he still has to seal it all, sand down the ceiling and paint the ceiling. I don't want to show you any pictures until it's done, so you'll just have to take my word for it - it looks great!

Since we've been trapped indoors, I came up with a project for us this weekend. Naturally. See, we ordered our crib and dresser/changing table last weekend and we should be getting them sometime this week. Because it's being shipped, I wanted to take them out of the box and set them up so that we can check for damages and/or missing parts. Our plan is to turn our office, which is right next to our room, into the nursery. So my plan for this weekend was to clean out the office, and move the desk and computer to the family room.

The actual moving part of it all was short and simple. We're only talking about a desk, computer, chair and a few filing cabinets. The very involved part of the process was going through all the junk that we had accumulated that I didn't want to be visible in our family room all the time. So here we are on Sunday evening finally finished with our project. The nursery is ready for furniture!

Here's my 14 week picture:
Still not a whole lot of change, but I think we're finally seeing "bump" instead of "bloat"! Haha! My monthly appointment is on Tuesday, so send good thoughts and prayers our way!

Tomorrow Travis and I begin our new jobs at the new office. For some reason we have to be there from 9-6, which is a very long day for me. I'm bringing a ton of food and snacks because my biggest worry is getting hungry and not having food available to me! We're thinking that as of Tuesday, Travis will be working at night while I'm on days. This would be great if baby were here now and I could keep working from home. That's not the case, but lots of things can change from now until then. So we're just waiting to see what happens!

That's all from the Iron Range for now. I'll leave you with some pictures of our snow mountains in the front yard. Have a great week!
I guess we'll be "those" neighbors who leave their Christmas decorations out until Spring.

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