Sunday, July 11, 2010

I love a parade!

I really do! There's nothing like a little community bonding over local businesses, fire trucks and cheesy floats. And the benefit of going to parades around here? They give out candy. By the bucket full. Oh yes. Surprisingly we've had very warm weather, so there were even some some freeze pops being passed out. Of course I took some photo evidence for your viewing pleasure!

91 degrees! See! I told you it was warm! Travis has decided that he wants to join the Shriners so that he can drive these little mini-cars in parades. They did look like a lot of fun!

One of the big huge engines from the community college's CDL program. And Paul Jacobson, our neighbor, is running for State Representative!

Greyhound and Great Danes! The Greyhound bus line was founded right here in Hibbing, MN. We also have a Great Dane rescue that spans over the state into Iowa and Wisconsin.

After the parade was the annual Hibbing Street Dance. Our favorite band, Shamrock'd was headlining the main stage, so of course that's where we were! Trav's brother, Zach, and our good friend, Dan, are in the band. It was pretty hot until the sun went down, so it was a good thing the beer was a-flowin'! Apparently no one else got the message that it was a street "dance" as we were the only ones dancing, but hey - we had a good time and that's all that counts.

Here is the band on stage, wearing their super cool light up bunny ears. Nice.

Not only do they play on stage....

but IN the street as well. Just playing up the crowd I guess!

Lori, Susie and I after a short rain shower. We don't let rain stop us!

Today we recovered by going to my new favorite beach, McCarthy Beach. It's a lake beach, not an ocean beach - don't get confused. Since it's a state park, we had to buy a pass and decided to go for the yearly one, which would benefit us after 5 visits. I'm trying to get my use out of this pass! It's good for a year, but we only get so much summer, you know?

Today we took Maya with us. Normally we leave her at home, but I started to feel bad that we go off every weekend to have fun and leave her at home. I think she would have rather stayed at home! She was deathly afraid of the water and would not go near it. We stayed farther away from the busy area because she tends to get wound up around strangers. So she was a little antzy about the people down the beach anyway. Then whenever Travis went in the water, she whined her head off. I'm pretty sure she was thinking "Not in the dog eating water, Daddy! It's not safe!" But we were able to leave her off the leash and she didn't stray from our towels. I figure that's a win. Plus, she is currently passed out next to me after her big adventure. Tired dogs are good dogs :o)
Maya the Super Dog. Protector of her humans and never going in the water. Don't mess with her!
That's Big Sturgeon lake and a little bit of McCarthy Beach! Ignore my blinding white legs. Just call me Powder.

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  1. Im glad you had a great time! That beach does look really calm and relaxing!!