Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hey BooBoo!

I know I'm a little late on this post, but I had to wait until we could get a good picture of our new addition to the family. He required some work and good weather. He also likes hunting with his best friend for pic-a-nic baskets in Yellowstone Park. I give you:

BooBoo the welcome bear. Here he is also seen with our fabulous new wine bottle house numbers and mail box. Our front porch is finally starting to have some pizazz!

Last week my parents came to visit the cold tundra that is Northern Minnesota. Of course in June you would think we'd have some nice weather that involved shorts and t-shirts. Think again, my dears, think again. I don't think it ever topped 70 degrees. So my parents wore jeans, sweaters, and jackets the entire trip. But we had a good time!

We stopped at the visitor center in Two Harbors and met this guy. Driving north along Highway 61 (any Bob Dylan fans in the house?) you'll find lots of little road side gift shops and stores. This is also where we found BooBoo, at the home of his maker. He does really awesome work, all handmade, and most are twice the size of our little bear.

Then we moved along to Gooseberry Falls, north of Two Harbors. What fantastic scenery! Who knew we had waterfalls in Minnesota? I sure didn't! There were lots of stairs and climbing involved, but luckily there were no casualties on this day. Sometimes my family and I are not always the most graceful of people.

Afterward we went to the infamous Betty's Pies. Holy cow was this place good! Fabulous food, and of course - the pies are awesome. I had the bumbleberry - so yummy that I wanted to swim in a bath of bumbleberry goodness. Order one online! The best money you'll ever spend.

I was so glad to have my parents come here to visit, and it's so hard to see them go! I always cry like a baby because I hate the distance between us. I just have to work harder to convince them that they should move to Minnesota too!

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  1. The arrowhead region is my favorite! There are actually several falls up there, looks like you had a good time!