Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Adventures of Maya

Since the weather hasn't gotten any warmer, we've been relegated to the house for a number of days. Of course we could be sadists and go play outside, but let's get real here: Ali does not do negative temperatures. So in the house we've stayed!

Obviously this cannot be an every day thing, as I have had to go to work here and there for some things. I have a couple new leads for some buyers, and the deal I wrote about last week was accepted with no counters. Now we're doing the closing dance, praying that things go through! He didn't ask for an inspection, so all we need is the appraisal to come in high enough and we're golden!

Since we've been spending so much time at home with Maya, we've really started to bond with her. And we take a lot of pictures of her.

Here she is saying "Guys, it is cold. Leave me alone."

Thankfully we haven't had too much snow so she doesn't have to wade through it. Travis was nice enough to clear out a little path for us around the house. It sort of looks like a racetrack mixed with a moat. She likes to zoom around the house on it 2 times and then she's ready to go in! We try to keep her away from the actual house when she's doing this because of our huge icicles. Those icicles have been known to kill people you know!

Here are some of the offending icicles. Yes, the picture is from inside. Don't hate.

Now, we all know, Maya is a dog. And dogs start to stink after awhile. So they need baths. This is such foreign territory for me since Travis and I have only owned cats since we've been together. So we filled the tub up with a little bit of water and some shampoo (it smells like green apples!) Then we put Maya in and started to get her wet. Maya was not feeling this at all. She would alternate from "if I stand her like a statue, maybe they'll forget I'm here" to "alright, I'm out of here!" as she scrambles all over the side of the tub. We managed to get her successfully bathed, although we had an audience. The cats thought her bath was the most interesting torture we could think of for the stinky dog, so of course they had to watch!

Oh yes, fun was had by all!

Maya is staying pretty warm these days, despite the freezing cold temperatures. She's lucky she has a loving pair of Floridian Grandparents that feel her pain! Mom and Dad sent her some sweaters to stay warm!

She now has a variety of clothing options. She can be sporty and wear the pink sweatshirt that says "Rock Star" or dress up a bit more and wear the black sweater with the fur collar (faux of course). The collar comes off if she's not feeling upper-crusty that day. You can tell she likes the clothing though, she's walking with a new strut!

I wrote earlier about our wine cabinet that we got for Christmas. We have since managed to get it up, although we've decided to fill it with empty bottles because we're not to sure how well it will hold with 3 full bottles in there. Here's a shot:

Very nice! We put our toasting flutes from the wedding on the top shelf. Love it!

That's all for now folks!