Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Greetings from the North Country!

Well hello there! Travis and I are starting to get all settled into our little Parsonage home, so I thought "you know, it's time I started that blog I was talking about." Say it with a Minnesota accent - I believe mine is starting as we speak.

I started this blog so that my family members can keep track of me. I know that some of them believe that we've entered the witness protection plan since they can't find Bear River on a map, but I promise that it does exist. There is a sign and everything.

I also thought that it would be interesting to chronicle my experiences. Being from south Florida, I know there are some interesting things in store. Just this morning the pastor stopped by with a plate of cookies to welcome us!

So drop in every now and then, hopefully I'll update often! Here's a teaser picture of our little house, I promise there will be more to follow!

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