Friday, August 7, 2009

Into the wild

As you may have guessed by now, we live in the middle of nowhere. Maybe even the capital of nowhere. So there are lots of trees and animals and plants (oh my!) around our house. Since I've been taking a short vacation before I start my new job, I decided to go explore the woods behind our house.

What I discovered - I'm no Christopher Columbus. It was a very short lived expedition trip, since the bugs ran me out of there in about 5 minutes flat. And I have the bite marks to prove it! I decided that I didn't want to get West Nile, or a Minnesota variation of it (North Nile perhaps?) so I stuck to the backyard. It's pretty big, so there was plenty of exploring to do anyway. Take that, nasty bugs! Here are some pictures of my discoveries:

We have lots of pretty flowers. You can also see some of the bugs I had to deal with on the yellow flower. Maybe that's a weed? I don't know so I'll have to find my green thumb soon.

Artsy log in the firepit.

Cool mushroom on a log. This was as far into the woods as I got before heading home with my tail between my legs.

And some ferns. I've been told that normally the blueberry bushes intermingle with the ferns. You can drive down the road any day during the summer, at any time and see someone picking blueberries on the side of the road. I looked in our ferns but didn't see any blueberries. Just more bugs.

And that concludes our lovely field trip into the woods. I start work on Monday, thank goodness!

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