Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wine on the Mississippi

Did you know that the Mississippi River starts in Minnesota? True fact!

Here it is! Promise!

A little town to the west of us ("little" is relative - it's larger than where we live, but smaller than a city) has the ol'Miss running right through it. At the beginning of May, I magically got invited to an event called "Wine on the Mississippi" on Facebook. I have no idea how this happened, as none of my friends invited me to it. I think Facebook is just starting to get a little too "intelligent".

Anyway, we couldn't go that month, but luckily it's a monthly event throughout the summer. I marked it down for June, and when the date came up we happily made our way over to check it out.

The event is held at an outdoor amphitheater right on the banks of the Mississippi. They had wine, wood-fired pizzas, and some live music. It was relatively inexpensive too. The wine was $5, the pizzas were $8.50. The music was jazzy, kind of slow, but relaxing. Emily enjoyed dancing and garnering some attention from other patrons.

Say cheese!

The weather was overcast and kind of humid, as you can tell by our frizzy hair. Emily's just gets wild in the humidity.

Someone was tired of taking pictures.

It was about 2 hours long, which felt just right. We were probably there for about an hour and a half. Unfortunately, the pizzas weren't very filling, so we ended up going out to dinner anyway - which made the evening a little more expensive than planned, but oh well. Next time, we'll maybe bring some of our own snacks.

We called this our "family date night". Looking forward to the next one!


  1. That sounds like a really fun event! Anything that's on the water automatically counts as a good time in my book.
    I sympathize with Emily's hair probs. The whole summer is one continuous wild hair day for me.

    1. Lol! Mine gets pretty bad too, but just pouffy. Since her hair is so short, it's gets curly, but they're like wild curls. Last year when we went to Florida, it looked like I never brushed her hair in all of our photos. I swear I did!